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Les droits sociaux fondamentaux des ressortissants de pays tiers[Third-Country Nationals’ Fundamental Social rights. Analysis of EU Law], Editions Universitaires Europeennes, 2011.


Journal articles

Harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence for humanitarian action: Opportunities and risks. International Review of the Red Cross, 1-21 (2022) 


Taking stock of COVID-19 health status certificates: Legal implications for data privacy and human rights. Big Data & Society (2022)

Covid-19 health status certificates: Key considerations for data privacy and human rightsECIL Working Paper 2021/1 (2021).

International Migration Management in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, Migration Studies (2020).

Human Rights and the Governance of Artificial Intelligence, Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights (2020).

Digital Identity: Contemporary Challenges for Data Protection, Privacy and Non-Discrimination Rights. Big Data and Society (2019).

The Big Data of International Migration: Opportunities and Challenges for States under International Human Rights Law, Georgetown Journal of International Law (2018).


Vulnerability on Trial: Protection of Migrant Children’s Rights in the Jurisprudence of International Human Rights Courts, 36 Boston University International Law Journal (2018).


The Contribution of The Inter-American Court of Human Rights to the Protection of Irregular Immigrants' Rights: Opportunities and Challenges, 34 Refugee Survey Quarterly (2015).


An Empty Shell? The Protection of Social Rights of Third-Country Workers in the EU after the Single Permit Directive, 17 European Journal of Migration and Law (2015).


Detention of Undocumented Immigrants and the Judicial Impact of the CJEU‘s Decisions in France, 26 International Journal of Refugee Law (2014).


Immigration et intégration par les droits sociaux dans l’Union européenne [Immigration and Integration through Social Rights in the EU], Cahiers de la Chaire de Recherche en Immigration Ethnicité et Citoyenneté (CRIEC), no. 35, University of Quebec in Montreal (2011).


Reception of Asylum seekers with disabilities in Europe, 35 Forced Migrations Review, University of Oxford (2010).


La notion de loyauté en droit administratif [The Concept of Loyalty in French Administrative Law], AJDA, Dalloz, 2011, 944-951.


Un parcours difficile : l’acquisition du statut de bénéficiaire de la protection internationale [A difficult path: acquisition of International Protection Status], Cahiers de l'IDEDH, no. 12, University of Montpellier 1, 2008, 64-97.


La différenciation des droits attachés au statut de réfugié et la protection subsidiaire [Rights of Refugees and Subsidiary Protection], Cahiers de l'IDEDH, no. 12, University of Montpellier 1, 2008, 124-147.


Book Chapter


Pluralisme et subsidiarité en droit social communautaire [Pluralism and Subsidiarity in EU Social Law], in Levinet M (eds) Pluralisme et juges européens des droits de l'homme, Bruylant, 2010, 233-252.




Beduschi A (2020). Digital Health Passports for COVID-19:
Data Privacy and Human Rights Law

Beduschi A et al., (2017). Building Digital Identities


Beduschi A, Patsianta K (2017). Protecting Migrant Children’s Rights 


Beduschi A, Patsianta K, Gill N (2016) Situation of Children that Migrate Unaccompanied or Separated from their Parents: Legal Framework and Evidence from Practice in Greece, CMW-CRC Joint General Comment on the Human Rights of Children in the Context of International Migration.

Beduschi A (2016). Unaccompanied Minors in the EUHouse of Lords, EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee.

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